June 20, 2023

Tael Solutions West Auckland Accountants Tips - Tips on working Remotely

With Government urging us to stay working from home for as long as we can, many employers can get anxiety over staff productivity and morale.

Here at Tael Solutions we have been working remotely for some time now and have a number of processes and systems in place to stay connected. In this article we will share some of what we are doing, in the hopes that it will also help you too!

Here are a few tips to help you be more productive at home.

1. Conduct online meetings with employees working from their homes

There are several programs and platforms that businesses can make use of, such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom and Google Meet to keep connected. Each morning the Tael team meet to briefly discuss ‘top tasks’ for the day and ask any questions that need answering to complete the daily tasks.
The great thing about video conferencing is that you can see the faces of your team, so you can still pick up on any ‘body language’ queues that might suggest there is discomfort or unease and overcome these.

2  .Keep Connected in the Chat

Our team stay connected with each other through Microsoft Teams which essentially is a chat room for your whole company designed to replace email as a primary method of communication and sharing. You can create group chats that allow you to organise communications by channels for group discussions or private messages to share information. It can keep the team culture flowing, banter can still be had and can be light-hearted which is great, especially when the tone of written online communication can sometimes be misconstrued and it doesn’t hurt to add a few emojis and a smiley face at times.

3. Stick to a routine

Start and end work at the usual times, we would even recommend getting dressed for the day in your work clothes. Follow your usual in office schedule and make a list of tasks to complete before end of business day. The more structure you can have in your day, the more efficient you will likely be.
This also includes any exercise that you might do in the mornings or after work. It is important that you don’t spend all day and night sitting in front of your computer, working.

4. Stay connected with customers

Make use of social media sites, it is a great way to communicate your business’ status and or any potential issues, such as shipping issues or any changes in your usual operations.

5. Use this change to improve your business systems

We have had to change things up a little with the change in environment, but it is a perfect time to review your own processes and procedures to ensure they are current and effective.

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