May 13, 2024

Are you getting the best use out of accounting software?

Xero training

We have scheduled a Xero basics online training for Tuesday, May 21st at 11am.

We will be covering our Xero basics online training again for those who are new to Xero and want to learn the ins and outs of how to use the system.

To register for the training click on the link below.

Register for the online training here

Spotlight – Cash Improvement Plans and Business Growth Plans

Here at TAEL, we know how important it is to give you all the financial tools you need to make your business successful, and so we have invested in a new business reporting and forecasting tool called Spotlight.

With the current uncertainty in the economy, we are seeing an increase the stress levels of many small business owners.  They are asking themselves:

  1. What happens if sales drop?
  1. What happens if prices or salaries increase?
  1. Will I still have enough cash in the business to pay the bills, the IRD or myself?  

By using Spotlight, we can prepare Cash Management & Improvement Plans and Business Growth Plans, by drafting different scenarios and analysing what the impact of each would have on your business. Business forecasting is predicting future market conditions by using business intelligence tools and forecasting methods to analyse historical data.

Through Spotlight, we can eliminate some of the frustration of sifting through endless data without knowing where to focus.  We can provide you reports that are visually informative and tailor made your business.  We can help you discover valuable insights in a visually compelling format that can provide quantifiable data to help you grow your business or improve your cashflow. 

This is not a one size fits all solution, it is tailor made to suit you and your business.

If you are interested in knowing more about how this software can help you and your business, please get in contact and we can give you a demo.

I'm interested in knowing more about Spotlight

New Website Is Live

We are very excited to announce our new website is live and we love it! We love the feel and flow of the website and who doesn't love that green piggie. Go check out the Resource page with Tax Calendars and other useful downloads, plus if you have ever missed a newsletter, they are all on the website under News.

We are very excited about it and would love for you to check it out and we are always keen on your feedback!

Check out our new Website here

Google Review

Love what we do? We would love a google review!

The TAEL team are in growth mode and taking on new clients. What's the best way to know if we are the right fit for new potential clients is for you to let them know, as our valued clients. We would love to update our google profile with new google reviews with your feedback.

Have you been a client with us for years and trust us with your accounts? Or recently transferred over to us and impressed with our professional and responsive service? Your positive feedback would be great.

If you have a Google account, you can place a review by simply opening your google search engine, type in TAEL Solutions and search. Click on Reviews and away you go.

IR3 Returns filling

We will not be able to file any IR3 Returns (Individual Tax Returns) until IRD have received all reportable income. This includes Portfolio Investment Entity (PIE) income information. Portfolio investment entities have until 15 May to provide this to the IRD.

IRD have recommended that we DO NOT file any Individual Tax Returns with the IRD until at least June to allow the information to be processed and updated in the IRD portal.

For those clients who we are currently completing accounts, we will be able to send you draft accounts, however Individual Tax Returns will not be finalised until June when we get the green light from IRD.

Please get in contact if this is going to be an issue for you.

Important Tax Dates

The Tael 2024 Tax Calendars are available to download from our website here or you can collect one from the office.

Upcoming Tax Dates:

28 June 2024 – April/May Period GST payment

28 August 2024 – The 1st Instalment of 2025 Provisional Tax is due for payment to the IRD & June/July Period GST payment

If you have any questions or concerns for us, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.



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